crumbs. conversation

A-dream-for-two-Gogalniceanu-Carolina-romantic-painting1This all happened while she was laying on her back playing with her hair. I was reading a book next to her. The sheets were white.

‘Do you think we existed before this?’
‘Before what?’
‘Before us.’
‘Of course we did, you were still crazy and I was surrounded by girls all the time.’

She giggled.

‘Not like that. I mean. Like us. Like how we are now. We are not the same. We changed. Now I share my ice cream. I sleep without socks. I learned how to do a perfect eye-line. You dress better, smoke only two cigarettes after eating and you read me bed time stories. Do you think we existed like this before? In another life maybe?’

By the time she finished talking she crawled in my arms and made herself comfortable there. I kissed her forehead.

‘I do not know. If there were other lives before this, you were the moon.’
‘There were, no ifs.’

*This conversation never took place, but it could have; it might.

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