crumbs. hug

6dbb43edfa5641f3c31c53a28bda548cShe would stretch her arms as far as she could and she would say ‘Come, I want to hug you’. I wouldn’t obey instantly, more times than not I would do other things, or I would just want to watch her arms calling for me. She would say ‘Love, I want to hug you and squeeze you and love you, and I want to do it now.’ And she would get so feisty. The sight of her like that was something my eyes could not get enough of. I would surrender to her arms, and she would confirm what both knew already ‘it feels so normal, you, here in my arms.

What I loved most was the fact that this kind of scene would
repeat often, in a way that put a dumb smile on my
face that could last for eternities, or days,
I didn’t count them anyways;

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